Now that we’ve built the framework of our GTD system with notebooks and tags, it’s time to make some lists. To make lists, we’ll be using Evernote’s ‘Saved Search’ feature. More »



Google Reader—A New Look & Google+ Integration

by Brandon on November 1, 2011

Google Reader

Yesterday, Google rolled out a new design for Google Reader. Google+ integration was also added. I recently wrote a post about customizing Google Reader’s appearance. The CSS tweaks mentioned in that post still seem to be working with the new layout. Here’s a screenshot:

Google Reader New Look



Getting Things Done with Evernote—Tags

by Brandon on October 11, 2011


In the last post we created notebooks; now it’s time to look at tags. There are two main categories of tags: tags for Reference Materials or Someday/Maybes and tags for Next/Action items.

Before taking an in-depth look at each of these categories, let’s talk a bit about creating and organizing tags. More »



Getting Things Done with Evernote–Notebooks

by Brandon on September 29, 2011


Now that you have Evernote installed and ready to go, I’m going to walk you through setting up the notebooks we will be using to GTD with Evernote. I will be using Evernote for Windows, but the process should be similar if you are on a Mac or the web. More »



Getting Things Done with Evernote

by Brandon on September 29, 2011


In order to love to write, you need to blog about a topic that you already think about all of the time. That said, I’ve decided to write a series about how I Get Things Done with Evernote. More »



Customize Google Reader’s Appearance with CSS

by Brandon on August 31, 2011

Google Reader

I use Google Reader to keep up with all my favourite websites and blogs. Since I am currently looking for a new job, I have also been using Google Reader as a job search tool.  Each day, several hundred new job listings pile up inside my job search folder. Sounds great, right? One problem: It can be quite strenuous on the eyes sifting through the entire list.

In order to relieve my eye strain, I decided to seek out a way to improve the appearance of Google Reader. More »


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Random Beginnings

by Brandon on July 19, 2011

Post image for Random Beginnings

This post has been a long time in the making. A few months ago, I created My Simple Curiosity in an effort to learn more about website design, programming, and database management. I also hoped blogging would sharpen my writing skills and help me to better express my own ideas and opinions.

Why the delay? I knew all along I wanted my blog to reflect the things I value: health, simplicity, the pursuit of knowledge, my relationships with family, friends, and the planet. However, I wasn’t sure how to format the blog so it would be interesting for people foolish enough to read it.

What changed? More »